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Friday, 15 January 2016

Storage solutions for makeup you use every day

Good Morning beauties,
I just wanted to share a new addition to my vanity desk that some of you may like too! So the back story is that I got sick of digging through my large make up travel case pull-out shelves to find what I wanted to wear so I asked my makeup pals how they stored their make up. Acrylic draws seemed to be the number one shout. They are cute and stylish and you can see what you need. Filling mines up I was able to see what I actually have. I am guilty of buying multiple things because I just couldn't find the one that had before. I know you can get these draws (well the bottom half anyway) from MUJI and i do love MUJI but I got my set off eBay for £14.99 :) 

Take Care

Susuana xx