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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Happy New Year! - Welcome to my blog :)

Hello from the other siddeeeee - of the screen. 

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Susuana, Im a 23 year old from London with a black and white young cat called Cosmo. I had a blog a few years ago but I got side tracked, now I'm back with this one! This blog is going to be about lifestyle, black bueaty, travel and arty things. I'm going to be doing some reviews on stuff and sharing bits of my life through out the year. 

New Years resolutions 

I don't usually do New Years resolutions but I feel like it's good to grab any opportunity to motivate yourself to be better. So I've set out 8 New Years resolutions My overall aim is to be the best version of myself and take all the oppertunities i can to make my life feel worth while make the world a more liberated place.

1. Get onto the masters degree course I want 
2. Move to Brighton 
3. Make time to read books and write blogs/articles/letters more
4. Treat my body better - this includes health care, skin & hair care, fitness, sleeping and eating habits  
5. Make sure the person that takes over from my job when I leave is the best woman ever.
6. To stay alive - avoid self-destructive thoughts and do something self-loving every time I feel like crap
7. Spend time on my real friends and family rather than people who make sad.
8. Go to two counties I've never been before.

Songs I'm currently jamming to

Take care 

Susuana xx