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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Skin Care Routine

So for the past couple of months I've been trying to identify a skin care routine. Mainly because of over work, stress and mental heath reasons I've seem to had let my skin go and not been taking care of it at all. You know those "I'll take my make up off in the morning" levels of neglect. So anyway - now I make sure that I have a daily routine that makes my dry and sensitive skin, 
moisturised and clean. I'm also working towards getting rid of dark circles and hyper pigmentation. Below is my everyday skin care routine if I was was wearing make up.                             

  • Dodu-osun black soap - an all natural soap bar from my homeland that helps tackle dark marks 
  • Sonic face cleaner - The sonic face cleaner thing is really useful. I know some you tubers advertise really expensive ones but I got mine for under £10 from eBay. It has 4 attachments and it works fine. 
  • Body Shop Vitamin e Hydrating toner - This gets of any left over dirt, restores PH levels and gives me vitamin e wooooo
  • Trilogy Rose hip oil - I have super dry skin so this does wonders and helps with dark marks :) 

  • Baby wipe wipe - I get the ones that are for sensitive skin and fragrance free, i try to get most of my make up with this, before the deep clean 
  • The body shop camomile cleansing oil - this is THE shit, and leaves my face feeling great
  • Dodu-osun black soap 
  • Sonic face cleaner
  • The body shop Vitamin e toner
  • Rose hip oil 

So that's me! If you have any hood drugstore eye creams let me know because I am the hunt for one! 

Take care 

Susuana xx