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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Problems & Solutions - What is up Sleek Lipstick Coverage?

Hi World, 

So the other day I tried out a couple of items from my Sleek Christmas Haul. I have quite dark and large lips so Iip colours often look different on me and I need to take a bit of time getting the exact look I want. So I wanted to try out a Vamp look since I haven't had a go with that look since I lost my MAC night moth lipliner at a party. >:( . And I then remembered what I didn't like about sleek lip products. 

Problem: For some reason Sleek lipstick doesn't give me full coverage on the inner part of my lip so I had to do some mixing. (I now see why lip brushes exist and why I should probably invest in one.)

Solution: I wore MAC Diva lipstick as a base. Diva is pretty dark lipstick that I have sort of stopped wearing on it's own so I was pretty happy to put it to some use. Then I put the Sleek Mulberry lipstick over it which made ipt a browny plummy sort of colour. 

Not going to lie, although it looks pretty hot goth glam I probably couldn't eat or drink at all with this on and you can actually feel the product on your lips which is kind of unconfortable. Below is the final look in the most realistic light I could manage. 

What are your experiences with Sleek lipsticks? Let me know in the comments. And also let me know if you want me to try out any other looks and I'll see what I have in my collection.

Take Care

Susuana xx