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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Cruelty-free primers for dry & sensitive skin (under £15)

I've been through my fair share of face primers since I discovered they where a thing. From Maybelline baby skin (please never buy this waste of money product) to Smashbox photo finish primer (not something I wear every day and it's expensive). Also I've discovered the importance of working out what you want from a primer and also matching it to your skin type. For me it's important that my primer enables my liquid foundation to go on smoothly and does not dry out my skin. If it creates a super pore-less base that's great but I'm conscious of stuff that potentially blocks my pores. When I'm not wearing any make up but maybe going to the gym or running some errands I might just wear a primer on it's own to prevent my t-zone getting oily and keep my skin looking so fresh and so clean :) 
This has to be my favourite primer. With only a small amount it makes my skin feel like it's had a drink and goes along way. It feels like moisturiser in terms of texture and you only need a couple of small squirts from the tube. I usually add it to my most problem areas which is my t-zone and my cheeks and then I don't have to worry about them for the rest of the day. The only not cool thing is that it is it's quite pricey for a small tube. However, it is a high quality product that can last a long time. Makeup forever also does a huge range of primers for different needs so go check it out. 

This is my most recent purchase. I had been looking for smoking similar to the makeup forever product but cheaper. This product has a more gel like texture and it is super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling baby soft and ready for the world. This is my current go to primer and I find that I apply it like a moisturiser all over my face because a little goes a super long way. I think the price is amazing and it's also something you should be able to find in your local drugstore in the UK. Also it comes in a (normal skin) version.

This is an affordable everyday wear primer for those on the go. It's something that I'd wear to the gym or pop in my travel bag because it works ok but isn't my favourite primer. It also smells a bit strange when you first apply it which is what I think puts me off personally. (I'm just really funny about those things). It also has vitamin A, C, E which is great. I would recommend as a product for anyone with dry to normal skin but not for oil skin because of the consistency of the product. For some reason I can't seem to find this primer on the UK e.l.f site but it is available on amazon and eBay.

Take care 

Susuana xx