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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Brown Lip Lovin' - Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour Lip Colour

So I randomly picked up this lip product in a boots in Scotland when I was over for New Years. It's the Maybelline super stay lip colour. I was looking for a browny pink colour and it looked ok and lasted long - but I need to find the right lipliner. So when I got back to London I saw this lip-colour (the don't call it a lip gloss) in this colour (575 Always Crimson) and I've been looking for a brown that would make me look like I stepped out of a 80s Rnb video. And surprisingly this did the trick. The formula dries (very quickly) matte, you need about 2 layers. Then when it dries you put the lip balm on and there go all day lips tick. You can even eat and drink, it won't transfer at all. You just have to make sure your lips are well exfoliated before you put it on. 

Also, this product stains to be careful! Use a baby wipe/ something oil based to remove. However, I don't know who need a lip product to stay on for 24 hours tbh. 

Take care

Susuana xx