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Monday, 20 June 2016

Side-eye Review: NYX 'liquid Suede'

NYX Suede in Vintage

So like lots of makeup lovers I ran out and bought a bunch of the NYX liquid suede line. The first one bought was when I was in LA, I wasn't really impressed but I thought it s just the colour (just looked like a regular nude) so when I got back to the UK I bought some different ones.

You can find NYX on or at your Boots (the big ones and online). You can also order NYX products online via their website if you don't mind the p+p

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So here is what I have to say about them:

  1. The only shades only like vintage and stone fox, I bought some reds/plum colours but on their own, the colours looked really flat. I found if I wore a reddish colour and mixed a nude colour in a middle, it created a nice ombré effect. 
  2. On the NYX website it says "Our Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick glides on and sets into a striking matte finish. Now available in 12 more velvety-soft shades, this waterproof lippie creates a positively polished look with every swipe." - This product does not dry. Armageddon will begin before it dries. Do not eat with it on, selfies yes, dinner no. 
  3. This just wasn't worth the hype. Don't stress about rushing to get it, maybe buy some NYX creamy lip formulas. I don't know about you but I wear make up with the hope that I don't have to top it up every other hour. 

Yeah I give this a 6/10

Susuana xx