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Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Vanity table

Hi there and Happy Pride!

So recently I got around to cleaning my vanity table. The first thing I did was have a clear out. So 10% of things either went in the bin or in a care package for a friend or in my vanity case. When that was done it was time to tackle the main issues - getting foundation all over my white table, having a load of brushes but not an efficient system where I can easily access my most used ones. On top of that I needed a system for being able to quickly access primers and end of day skin care stuff. Basically I needed to create a station that enabled me to do my face within ten minutes and take off my face within 5. In addition I needed it to be easy to clean and cat proof. Cosmo sometimes thinks of my vanity table as a little play station so I needed to make it difficult for him to steal things and run away with them!

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Vinyl Place mat - I got this in a shop called Chain Reaction in Camden. I was looking for dinner placemats everywhere but  couldn't find one that I though matched my room. Then I was this and I thought, yeah its round therefore not ideal but it looks really cool and different and it wasn't that expensive so I got it and I love it! Its kept my desk clean and its also easy to clean. 

MUJI acrylic desk storage - I bought this in a Muji sale in the Islington Angel centre. To be honest I wasn't sure what I was going to put in it but I knew I needed more desk storage (this is what I like to call the MUJI effect). So now its where I keep all me smaller brushes and my new brushes. And in the front I keep some of my most used foundations.

Mugs and Cups - I have a habit of buying a new mug when I travel, so I dug up my Hollywood Mug I got at LAX airport to put my most used brushes in. The trick is with using mugs as storage is making sure that the hight of the mug is the appropriate for the length of the brushes. My Real Techniques brushes really fit well into this mug. My H&M angled blush brush sticks our a bit but its my favourite brush at the moment for (powder) contouring, so I'm keeping it there. The pencil cup is the Bluelans® New Creative Pencil Tip Design Pen Holder Pencil Cup Desk Tidy. 

I really enjoy sprucing up my room an desk and can't wait to move to my new home later this year.  BTW I smashed another new years resolution and visited two different countries and its only June! LA and Vatican City - Ive been totally before but apparently the Vatican counts as a different country so hey :P

Anyway, take care
Susuana xx