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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Cheap and glorious tricks - Nivea Men Sensitive post shave balm as primer

So a little while ago I wrote a blog about face primers and which ones work for dry skin - which you can read here. If you have dry skin it's really really important the you exfoliate and moisturise regularly and use a primer. I've been watching loads of youtube makeup reviews for people with dry skin because I'm looking to start buying makeup which is more suited for my skin texture. And you can just tell that some Youtubers quite obviously do not prime their skin properly and before applying the product, therefore they give it a bad review - saying it looks patchy, cakey or that comes off quickly. I'm not a make up artist or dermatologist but come on products are not miracles, often you have to work with them a bit to get your dream effect. 

To me right now, it's pretty obvious but in the past I've probably disowned lots of foundations, even ones that were good for dry skin because I didn't know that priming and prepping my skin was an essential part of the process. But recently I tested out the new youtube fad started by Nikkie tutorials where you use Nivea Men sensitive post shave balm as primer. And it actually works! The photo above is a still from a video I was shooting at work. I  look a bit shiny because of the lights but I wasn't in real life and by the time I got home my make up was still in place. 

  • Pros - Your makeup will last all day (which I think is the number point of a good primer). Its really cheap (usually under £5) which is amazing for the amount that you get. There's allot in the bottle and you don't even have to use that much at all. It's also hydrating. 
  • Cons - Not pore minimising (it's shave balm, there's not much you can expect). It also doesn't have a pump or anything so it's a bit difficult to control how much pours out. Has a bit of a "manly" scent at first.

I have to admit knowing that my make up hasn't disappeared half way through the day gives me one less thing to worry about! You can run around care free and looking 100%. 

Take Care 

Love Susuana