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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Quick Review: Washing my brushes with brushegg

I hate washing my makeup brushes.

Which is one of the reasons that I own about 50 of them. I will do anything to get out of washing them and at the same time avoid using one that's not clean. So the other day when I was about to buy a new brush I bought a brushed instead - Amazon Prime will be the end of me.

Washing your brushes is very important because bacteria grows in your brushes and make up sponges like no tomorrow. If you don't wash brush and then add more product to that brush then put it back onto your face, you are just ruining your skin by smearing this mix of makeup and bacteria all over it.

The way I learnt how to wash my brushes was by watching a youtube video. So therefore Ive been using the palm of my hand to wash my brushes and for a brush cleanser I've been using a mixture of shampoo, oils and fairy liquid. Then I use conditioner afterwards. This whole process with all my brushes can take up to an hour!

As you can see you get two in a pack which is cool for £3.99 So one could easily be a present for a friend or something for you make up travel bag. I recently lost my make up travel bag and I'm still getting over it :'( 

Any way I did one of my brushes really quickly so I can show you above. (I know the bristles look a bit brown but thats just because its super sunny in my bathroom). After I washed it properly and it dried it looked the cleanest I've ever seen it. Usually there's an annoying little patch which can never be totally clean. But I managed to do lots of brushes in record time and even clean my oval brushes :) So I'll give brushegg 5 stars :)

Susuana xx