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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Good News and Good Nails

Hello Lovelies,

So I've actually banned myself from buying any makeup products for the whole of February because I have lots of stuff that I haven't even tried and I kept buying things constantly and I really need to save so I was like DISCIPLINE IS NEEDED. And I aced January where I didn't buy one item of clothing all throughout the month and I was well proud of myself.

So the good news is that I can cross out one of my new years resolutions as I got an offer for my dream Masters Course! So I will be going back to Uni and moving to Brighton with my cat Cosmo! I'm so happy and thankful to everyone that helped me get to this stage.                                  

I've also been accepted on to an activist weekend course in Los Angeles in March. So I'll be heading to America for the first time in my life! Another of my new years resolutions was to go to two countries that I have never been before. Which is funny cuz I have no money. But when the opportunity knocked for funded trip I was like HELLO. I'm gunna buy ALL the make up when I get there!    


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So the good nails are by Maybelline Colour Show in  the colour 232. Its the perfect frosty nude. Online it says it's called Rose Chic, which is sort of on point because it is has that sort of Rose Gold vibe. Rose gold is my new favourite colour and I highly recommend it for the wedding/christening/slaying season. Nudes are not just for autumn!

I'm just pretending that these are how my nails are naturally are from now on. They also feel like they look! - frosty 
Have a lovely week!

Susuana xx