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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Side-eye Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit (Deep)

So when I went to the states in March I picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit in deep. In hindsight I don't know why I was so obsessed in getting this. You know when something comes out and you're like "i need this" even though you really don't. I think I was excited about the "kit" element. I love things that say "pop this one thing in your bag and you're done". This was on my bucket list and I was like #treatyoself and it was impossible to get in London so I got it for $40 and months later. For some reason I was scared of touching it, partly because I didn't know how to use it, partly because I didn't want to be disappointed - however, I've finally taken it out from storage and tried it out. 

Firstly - I love ABH, her eyebrow products are second to none but this product was one that I hardly saw being used by dark skinned peeps on the net. If you don't believe me try find examples on instagram. Needle in a haystack. I think the best youtube tutorial is the one by makeupD0LL. So anyway, here are my thoughts on the product itself. 
  • The highlight shades: one is basically beige (BEIGE), the other is a coral thing (for colour correcting I'm assuming?), the next one is more or less the same colour as my skin more or less
  • Th darker shades: still not dark enough. The darkest shade is decent but what are the rest of the shades doing? Chilling. 
  • The product is dry/stiff to work with. This is not ideal. AT ALL. i  sprayed it first but who wants that effort when they've spent that much. 

My Application process
So, I wasn't completely happy with the way contoured my face but that's a separate issue. The kit seemed like allot of effort for something where I can only really wear a few colours and where I have to spray before use. Also personally I'm not a fan of a harsh highlight, so if you are lighter than me you'll probably enjoy this allot more than I did. Not worth that much dollar. So, I think i'll give it 3 stars. 

Until next time xx